You’ve probably seen wealth affirmations in books or on social media and perhaps even tried repeating them for a few days without obtaining much in the way of improvements in your finances. Wouldn’t it be great if you could experience an inflow of greater abundance from using wealth affirmations?

When you use these six strategies, you’ll not only discover new knowledge while reading wealth or money affirmations, but you’ll also learn to apply this information in your own life in ways that strengthen and benefit you.

1. Make an effort to clear your mind before reading an affirmation.

Ensure you have enough time, like ten minutes or so, to read, process, and reflect on the affirmation. Then acknowledge your thoughts and reflect on them using your journal.

2. Are you familiar with all the words used in the affirmation?

If not, look up any questionable words. Think about how these words relate to the topic. While you may not need to look up terms such as ‘wealth’ or ‘abundance’, you should acknowledge what they mean for you, as we all have our own, unique, definition.


3. Endeavour to apply the affirmation to yourself. Do you behave, think, or feel as the affirmation suggests?

– If you identify that you already handle the subject matter as it’s portrayed in the affirmation, then the affirmation confirms this quality in your mind and helps boost your money mindset.

– If you believe your response is less than favourable to the situations described, then this is an indication of where you may either have some things to learn or it’s an indication of a belief that is limiting your or blocking you in some way.

4. Recognise that an essential function of an affirmation is to encourage you to look within yourself.

Effective wealth affirmations usually state you’re skilled at money management or wealth accumulation, or already have wealth. Use your affirmations as journal prompts and explore what emotions and beliefs that they stir within you when you read them.

5. Achieve self-improvement with affirmations.

For people who seek to live the most fulfilling life possible and aren’t just after acquiring money and wealth for the sake of it, then wealth affirmations can provide an endless array of self-improvement topics upon which you can reflect. They confirm the great qualities you already have and help you develop and strengthen the characteristics you want to add to your repertoire.

6. Discover new and exciting qualities about yourself.

The road to greater abundance and financial freedom is often a rocky pathway, engaging in ongoing self-discovery can help you better navigate the bumpy parts of your journey by figuring out things about your personal qualities and ways of relating.

If you’d like to explore using wealth affirmations over the next 90 days to help improve your money mindset and achieve more abundance in your life, then grab a copy of my wealth journal over on Amazon.

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