Are you paying yourself a wage from your small business?  If so, is it a good wage? ⁠

I see so many women in business who are working themselves into the ground, making sure they pay everyone else but end up with the leftovers at the end of the month.⁠

And then they need to sum up the motivation to do it all again the following month, just for the leftovers.

Why is it important to pay yourself?

Paying yourself a wage, one that at least covers your personal expenses, is so powerful. As well as easing any financial stress in regard to your personal finances, it helps build a positive money mindset.  You are treating your business like a business, and then you find so many other business decisions easier to make.

BUT you shouldn’t wait until your business can afford to do this, before starting to pay yourself.

When To Start Paying Yourself

Start NOW, with what your business can afford and build from there.

Set up this wage payment, as a regular, immovable payment. ⁠It’s just like all the other payments that come out automatically from your business account – it has to be paid!

AND if you already pay yourself on a regular basis, have you reviewed this lately?


You are worthy of paying paid for the work you do in your business.  And if you would like help getting your financial house in order and building the money mindset of a financially successful business owner then join me in the Financial Goal Getters Academy.

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