How often do you celebrate in your new money habits or wins in your business/personal life?

I have mini celebrations every day, and I encourage my clients to do the same.  Celebrate every time you complete a new micro-habit that you are trying to install, such as checking your bank account every day, transferring money to your savings account, or repaying your debt.

Celebrating & Gratitude

Celebrating is a sure-fire way to ignite the gratitude and high energy needed to implement new habits quickly. You can then forget about repeating something for thirty days to make it a habit; a celebration creates a shortcut.  Instead, let your mind know this new habit (and micro habits are the easiest!) is something you value and cherish. Your mind will soon adopt the habit as something great to do.

And, of course, celebrate the wins, however small. Celebrate a new client, launch a new product or service, and money flowing to you (from whatever source). Perhaps you have hit your savings target for the month? Or repaid a credit card balance?

How Do You Celebrate New Habits?

BUT what do I mean by celebration?  It’s entirely up to you.  The one thing this celebration is not is a reward.  It’s not about allowing yourself to go for a coffee or booking a spa day.  These celebrations, while they need to spark joy within you, you need to be able to do them instantaneously, as soon as the habit is completed, or you have discovered your ‘win’.

I am often found dancing around my office to an eighties’ pop tune. It takes me back to the happy times of my teens. The fun, joy, and gratitude flow instantly, and in that instant, your mind can connect this reaction to the action you have just taken.

Create your new celebration habits now so you are ready to celebrate when you next work on creating a new habit or have your next money win.



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