How To Set Money Goals

The start of a new month is a great time to set new goals which include your money (financial) goals.  You can of course set your money goals at any time.

Claim Your Money Goals

The first step to powering up your financial success, and wealth, is to get real about your money goals.

Because what you focus on expands…

Because setting your money goals is declaring to the Universe and yourself that you’re ready to claim your financial success…

Because you won’t achieve it if you don’t claim it.

So the first step?

Give yourself permission to want to be financially successful. No need to feel guilty or greedy – you are entitled to this!

Calculate Your Numbers

Claim your numbers for profit, income, savings and debt reduction.  Along with a goal for financial freedom, these are the top five money goals for small business owners.

The most common goal to set is for income.  So, let’s start there – what is that monthly income number that makes stretches you but still fills you with excitement?

If you are unsure how to work out your money goals, then a great place to start is with a number that at a minimum, is 3 times all of your monthly expenses (personal and business).

Once you have decided what you want then you can start seeking the how-to answers you need.

Set Your Intentions

Set your wealthy intentions and start affirming this to yourself.  Write these words in your journal each day throughout the month and read them out loud each morning:

“I am worthy of earning £xxxxx.  I am able to save £xxx and pay down my debt by £xxx. I’m smart enough, I’m determined and I’m unstoppable. I’m willing to let go of anything that isn’t in alignment with me achieving my monthly financial goals.”

Throughout the month…

As well as reminding yourself daily of your goals, you’re also going to celebrate incremental progress, because you want to feel motivated and proud every step of the way.  Remember, you can celebrate your goals without spending money!

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