Some of my lovely clients need reminding that it is okay to ask for their money from their clients.  In case, like them, YOU need a little nudge, then here it is:

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If you can’t charge a client before you do the work, ensure you invoice them as soon as possible after the work is complete. You deserve to get paid for the work you have done.

Dealing with late payers

BUT what if the clients don’t pay you in the terms you have given them:

They may be waiting for their customers to pay them – in which case still remind them that you are waiting to be paid

They may have poor financial processes and systems and need reminding that they actually owe you some money.  So remind them!

Their money personality will be playing a role in how they pay their bills. Perhaps they are a ‘Connector’ and hate dealing with basic financial matters. – you still need to remind them that you are waiting to be paid

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Perhaps they just hate dealing with bills. It’s their money mindset as they don’t realize that paying bills, with gratitude for the service purchased, is helping their money to flow.  Money is attracted to where it can flow and where it is appreciated, so remind them that money needs to flow to you!

Whatever your client’s reason for not paying you, it’s not important to you – you just need to get paid and you do this by throwing guilt out of the window and you ask for payment.

Preparing for the future

And for the future, ensure you set clear money boundaries with clients as to when they can expect to receive your invoice and when you expect to be paid.  Once the boundary has been set, you must stick to it!

If this little piece of money wisdom has resonated with you or helps you, then please do drop a comment below and let me know.  So that you don’t miss out on future pieces of money wisdom then join my Snippets Of Money Wisdom list and I’ll send them to your inbox each week.


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