Money Clarity & Action

This is a one-off coaching session covering:

√ Money personality assessment; you will complete the assessment in advance of our call. Once completed you will have access to the Money Archetypes cards for your profile, for you to download and keep as a reference guide.

√ Exploration of how the challenges of your money personality show up in your life (personal and/or business); you will have access to online training to guide you through the initial process as your ‘homework’ prior to our call.

√ A coaching call with me, via Zoom, where we will breakdown the results of your money personality assessment and create an action plan for you to get working on straight away to overcome your money challenges.

£99 one-off charge

Get Smart About Your Money

An online course with 8 easy to follow modules where we’ll be covering all these gems to get your money game plan working for you:

  • Get Your Head in the Game (module 1)
  • Financial Values and Vision (module 2)
  • Where Are You Now (module 3)
  • Current Money Allocation (module 4)
  • Financial Goals (module 5)
  • Abundance Allocation (module 6)
  • Debt Elimination (module 7)
  • Protecting Your Future (module 8)
  • Money Game Plan – After all that learning, you’ll now be equipped to create your one-page money game plan.

Access to a private, confidential Facebook group community where you’ll be able to speak with other women who are working towards their money maverick wings (and, of course, I’ll be around to answer any burning questions).

You will have lifetime access to the materials.

The cost is £49.50 ($63.25) monthly for 6 months.

Financial Fitness VIP Day

If you live within 125 miles of South Yorkshire where I’m based then you can book a one-to-one financial fitness day where we can spend the day sorting out your money game plan.  I can come to your office, or we can meet at a local hotel (private meeting room) to work through your money from business systems, personal money plans and money mindset.

If you live further afield then we can hold this session over Skype in two half-day sessions.

Availability is limited and you should contact Jo for availability – either use the contact form or message her via the Facebook page.

The cost is £997.


Financial Fitness Book

 So what’s discussed in the book:

Creating a starting point – what’s your money mindset?

Start rewriting our money story – examine your relationship with money and rewrite the stuff that’s been holding your bank balance hostage.

Financial values – discover how to work out your financial values

Financial vision & goals – create those exciting financial goals and ensure they take you on that big, bold vision you’ve laid out for yourself.

Assets – what do you own and how much are your assets worth?

Liabilities – how much debt are you sitting on?

Spending – find out where your money goes each month and how to get a better handle on it.

Debt elimination – create a realistic plan to pay off your debt (without being afraid)

Money game plan – and after all that learning, you’ll now be equipped to create your one-page money game plan.

Wealth Affirmation Cards

Pack of 60 Wealth Affirmation Cards, to help harness the Law of Attraction and positive thinking, in order to increase your ability to manifest wealth and money into your life.

Each card has a different wealth affirmation. There are 60 cards in total.
Each card also includes the Hawaiin Ho’oponpono healing prayer to help clear any blocks or limiting beliefs.

Wealth Journal

A 90-day journal to help the reader follow a five-step process which utilises the Law of Attraction in order to change your money mindset. Changing your money mindset will help you create more wealth and be open to the opportunities which present themselves to you.

The journal is available for shipping to the UK and internationally, and is also available on Amazon and Lulu Publishing.

Get to Grips with Your Accounts

A practical guide for UK small business owners to prepare their own simple accounts and to complete their self-assessment tax return.

Suitable for the savvy business owner who wants to get involved with ‘doing the books’ or the business owner who just wants to save a few hundred pounds on accountancy fees each year. Written by an accountant with extensive experience in helping small business owners with their accounts and tax returns. The book is primarily written for those small businesses who operate as a sole trader.

This book is also available from Lulu Publishing and  If you prefer a PDF version then it’s available via the Financial Fitness Club shop on Etsy.

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