Is There A Difference Between the Law of Attraction and Goal Setting?

Many people mistake what the Law of Attraction (LOA) is about. One of those mistakes is to confuse it with goal setting.

There are similarities between the two concepts, and you can, of course, use LOA to help you achieve your goals.  When you are using the LOA to manifest something that you want, you are, in fact, setting a goal. This could be the reason why people get them confused.

Do you even need to have goals to use LOA?

Take finding more clients for your business as an example. You may go to more networking events every month and look to connect with more people on social media. You may think this is a goal. But will it result in finding more clients?

It may, but will the people you connect with be right for your business, will they be your ideal client? When LOA is used, proponents believe that you will find the right potential clients and connections due to what you put out into the Universe by declaring your goal.

Whether you are refining your goal or putting out your message to the Universe, it does get you to focus your attention on thinking about the right qualities you find desirable in the clients you are trying to attract into your business.

So what’s the difference between the law of attraction and goal setting, if you are setting the same objective and creating the focus required by getting specific about what you want?

It’s the perspective from which you are tackling the goal.

The LOA believers will have faith that they will attract the right people to their business if they take action by showing up in the right places.

The goal-setters know that if they work at overcoming the problem, and show up in the right places, talking to the people, they meet in a way that allows the potential clients to want to be connected to them, they will eventually find the clients they seek.

The difference between the law of attraction and goal setting is, at times, very subtle.

Some believe that if you try to set the wrong goals or your goals are too aggressive; then the LOA will work against you because you will stress out by not being able to accomplish those goals.

In this way, goals can be looked at as the path you set, whereas LOA is the engine that will get you there.

The key though, whether setting goals or using the law of attraction or indeed using the power of both in unison, is to know where you are headed and to take the action necessary to bring you closer to the desired result.

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